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Why we are unique

We Stand Apart From The Crowd. . .

In Our Vision

To Established an ideal place where learning is joyful and education is for life covering all dimensions of personality i.e. physical, intellectual, emotional, social, lingual psychological and spiritual
To strive at all times to help each child in his journey towards greater "completeness"

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In Our Thinking

Education should be looked at as a holistic learning experience, helping each child to develop those attributes and qualities of head (mind), heart (soul), and hand (Body) that transform the child into a self-reliant, confident, well aware, responsible and with a great sense of self-esteem.
We upload a learning system which places greater emphasis on human values and nurturing of the child for life.

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In Our Methodology and approach

The Beehive is the fruit of much deliberation, progressive research and creative intent. Its basic emphasis is on children being educated in an environment of "free progressive thought" Children while in their most impressionable years should be taught life’s most important things 'values and wisdom'. This is well woven in every sphere of The Beehive's curriculum through activities, stories and songs that carry a message to imbibe them.