Image Class

Our Methodology

This is an institution where we admit children from 18Months onward and teach them the. I.e. Reading Writing and Arithmetic through Montessori Method. Dr. Maria Montessori invited this method in Italy for the benefit of the underdeveloped children but later on it was found that this method is also applicable to normal children. Rather it works wonderfully for the normal children and that also at a very early age. Dr. Maria Montessori invited various materials which helps children to become conscious of their environment, of their various senses & also the outer environment. The children start becoming aware of their daily activities, different words they speak and also of their daily needs. They are thought to become independent and to take care of their environment through the exercises of practical life. They become aware of different senses and movements of their body by the help of the sensorial materials. Later, they become conscious of different sounds phonetically and starts writing and reading by the help of the language apparatus. Lastly, the start counting the numbers. Denoting their quantity, learning the static and dynamics part of Arithmetic by the help of different Arithmetic apparatus. Actually they learn through playing. This is how we prepare them.