FAQs for Parents

1. What are the Special Features of your School?
    Escorted Transport Facility
    Uniform & book store
    After school Daycare Program
    Medical Facilities - First Aid, Doctor on call
    Health Check-ups
    Educational visits & executions
    Individual child's portfolio
    Orientation & open day
    Website with updates
    Colorful, Chirpy & Air Conditioned Classrooms.
    Use of Innovative Techniques
    Multimedia and Internet based Teaching
    Montessori Rooms
    The Beehive Activity Arcade.
    Art & Craft Workshop
    Music and Dance Room
    Mini Zoo Pet House
    Doll House
    Play House
    Bouncy For Children
    Concept Centre
    Education Video CDS Library.
    LED Television
    Mock Interviews.
    Counselling/Orientation of Parents for Interviews
    Celebration Corner
    Fish Pond
2. What age Group Children do you take in the School?
    The child is welcome to join The Beehive as per the following age group:

    Beestars(Play Group) 18 months-2 years
    Beewonders(Pre Nursery) 2 years - 3 years
    Beelearners(Nursery) 3 years - 4 years
    Beeachievers (KG) 4 years - 5 years
3. What is your Admission System?
    The School academic year is from Jan. to Dec. The admission may be granted during other months also, depending upon the availability of seats.
    A Birth Certificate as a proof of age is required at the time of Registration.
    Two passport sized photographs are to be submitted at the time of Registration.
4. What is 'Mid - day Meal'?
    It consists of a fresh seasonal fruit and a milk product / milk preparation every day. The meals are prepared under complete supervision and hygienic conditions. The children are served to their full satisfaction. The major benefit of this arrangement is that the children who do not normally eat at home, start eating in their friends company. Filtered water is provided so that children are not required to bring water bottles.
5. Is School Uniform compulsory?
    The specially designed colorful uniform is recommended. This tradition contributes a strong sense of community at the School with an added benefit of having a neat & well-groomed child.
6. What is the ratio between the child & the teacher?
    The efforts are made to keep it low to give them good care. The child and adult ratio normally is 15:1.
7. Do you converse in English with the Kids?
    In the beginning the child is made comfortable in the school by making use of both the languages to express himself. Gradually the child is conditioned to English commands, which is the requirement of the time.
8. Do you provide School Transport?
    School transport is available. The charges vary as per the distance.
9. Are Books necessary?
    Specially designed Activity Books are used according to the age group of children. These are tailor made for concept development and are full of exciting activities for the children.
10. What method do you follow to teach the Children?
    The Beehive Activity based method as per the child's age and environment is used to teach them. Our entire focus is on the child and all the activities go around him. These activities are not only to clarify the concepts but also to meet the various needs of the child such as refinement of senses, motor development & the development of Art & Dance at the same time. Multimedia systems are being used to enable the child to feel comfortable with computers.
11. How does The Beehive prepare children for the formal school?
    The children are given a lot of practice through a series of Mock-Interactive Sessions conducted from time to time. This develops confidence in them. To that end, qualified educationists provide expert counselling for parents too.
12. Do you organize Summer Camps?
    Summer Camps with many activities and games are organized in school. A detailed information along with the charges as per the activity is provided before the Summer Break.